A Letter From Our Founder:

In 2016, love (and curiosity) led me to San Francisco. The Bay Area wasn’t a part of the plan I’d mapped out for myself as an actress-writer working between New York and Los Angeles, but as a storyteller I understand the importance of embracing change and unexpected opportunities. As soon as I touched down in the Bay, I began my search for fellow creatives to collaborate with, learn from, and create a collective.

OCTO developed from my need and desire for that tribe. OCTO’s founding partners are the multi-talented individuals who replied to my listserv plea: “Where my Creatives at? Let’s CONNECT!” and who’ve since become family.

Collectively, OCTO cultivates our ideas and creativity as a means to engage the world in meaningful conversations and create a safe space for the projects and social issues we care deeply about.

Each experience we create is a collaboration of our talents and an extension of our mission -- to supercharge individual and collective creative talents for the betterment of the world.

And, we invite you to do the same!

In creativity + community,
Nia Fairweather